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  1. Hi all, I’m new to the forum, (and everything to do with camera systems). I want a little guidance in the right direction, if I could get some feedback please. I’ll start by saying I live in a rural area, with a lot of farm land surrounding me. From my house, I have a relatively unobstructed view of the county road, which is a third of a mile from the house. I’m looking for probably a two camera (outdoor) setup. One to be mounted on my house, facing towards my driveway (which is the only way to access the property). I’d like another one close to the road, giving me the capability to monitor traffic, (and to be able to discern any passing vehicle make/model, at night, if needed). Given that, and the fact that one cam will be 1/3 mile from the house, what cameras are good choices? So what cameras do you recommend, and is a wired camera cost prohibitive at that distance, or even the best way? I’d like to have all footage stored, preferably on a DVR type device. I’d also like to be able to access the system on a mobile device. I’d appreciate any advice that will help me choose and design a system. Thanks!