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  1. martinboye

    No video signal on Hikvision 7108

    Hi tomcctv, Thank you for your quick reply. Well, then it all makes sense. Guess I'll have to change my cameras to AHD then? Or IP, if there are any advantages taken the price tag into consideration. So what is the difference between AHD and standard analog, and how can you tell from looking at the camera specs I sent? I was under the impression that as long as the "Video Out" was compatible with the "Video In", everything would be fine.
  2. Hi everybody, Just bought a new DVR Hikvision DS-7108HGHI-F1 replacing an old broken DVR. I have 5 analog cameras, but my new DVR will not detect any of them. According to the specifications, the cameras and the DVR should be compatible. Attached is a screenshot of the camera spec (if it matters, the TVsystem is PAL). I checked all the cables and connections and everything seems to be in order, so I've come to the conclusion that it must be a 'configuration-of-the-DVR' thing. But what to look for? I've been completely unable to find any help online, so you guys are my last hope :) Cheers, Martin (Denmark)