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  1. ant200

    Indoor Cctv

    Thanks m8 I’m in the midlands U.K.
  2. Hi all I have a Panasonic indoor ptz sealed all where water can get in fitted under roof soffit got condensation bad can i drill the dome cover to stop condensation and let air in ? Thanks
  3. Hi all can you get a indoor ptz and put it out door ?
  4. ant200

    help with ptz

    Hi Tom the 485 plug has 4 wires in 2 tx 2 rx cut plug off as only use the two that goes two A B address 1 protocol pelco d baudrate 9600 Data bits 8 Stop bits 1 Parity none set both cam and dvr To this and got nothing Thaks
  5. ant200

    help with ptz

    would i need a joystick control aswell thanks
  6. ant200

    help with ptz

    hi no just dont do nothing picture but no movment set dvr as pelco d and dip switches set as same as book says pelco d and yes still nothing
  7. ant200

    help with ptz

    hi bud it has rs 485 on cam and ab on dvr
  8. ant200

    help with ptz

    hi all i have a panasonic wv-cs580g cani use my iapollo hdrt lite dvr to control it thanks