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  1. Hi just wondering if you did get any solution for this vertical colour lines in footage, as I’m having same issue at couple of installations and struggling to fix it out. i have used cat5e pure copper and HD baluns and distance is less then 15m. i will appreciate if you can share any solution thanks
  2. Sky66

    Outdoor PIR sensor.

    Thanks, I have got ADI GLOBAL account and they have all security products selections so I will be fine hopefully lol, where do you base tomcctv?
  3. Sky66

    Outdoor PIR sensor.

    Tomcctv I do base in Manchester, you are right there and I have already given me professional advice for use pro our sensor if he still needs a cheap option then he will be responsible for it. Anyway tomcctv I really appreciate your advice, it was helpful thanks
  4. Sky66

    Outdoor PIR sensor.

    Thanks, tomcctv it's for business. Gjd is a good and low budget that's what I have heard but the problem is a customer does not want to spend good money on sensors lol, therefore I have to find an alternative.
  5. Sky66

    Outdoor PIR sensor.

    Thanks tomcctv can you please recommend me any Texecom pir sensor which will work better in outdoor.
  6. Hi, first I'm sorry if my post is in the wrong slot. I'm looking to install some outdoor motion sensor with Hikvision DVR ( DVR has an alarm I/o connection). Can I use normal Honeywell or Texecom PIR sensor outdoor? I know they are not designed to use outdoor but if I do will they work? If not then please can any of you suggest me some decent low budget outdoor PIR sensor thanks?