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    Camera identification

    Can someone tell me what type of camera this is and what modern day equivalent I need to buy to replace this as a plug and play option. Thanks in advance
  2. Hello all I'm a complete noob at this stuff so forgive me if my question seems trivial. We have a CCTV system that was here when we bought. Now a couple of the cameras do not work. The wiring would be quite involved to replace so I'd like to just replace the cameras but I don't know what to buy. Pictured is the board from one of the cameras. That board screws into a dome and one simple three wire white plug is plugged into it and the dome twists into the base screwed into the ceiling. That's it but looking online there are so many different types I have no idea what to get. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello all I need someone's help please. I have a CCTV system that I inherited and two of my cameras no longer work due to water damage. I am trying to replace them but not sure what kind of camera to buy. I don't really know what I have and my internet search yields more questions than answers.