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  1. firsarah

    Choosing the right Security camera

    I reccomend you to try security bulb camera. They have all the features you described above and also are very reliable. https://geeklah.com/best-light-bulb-camera.html it's a guide on them, check this out.
  2. firsarah

    Looking for residential security camera system

    I think you should be wanting also some light bulb security camera, right? It should come with every security system. Light bulbs are much better than only cameras. I didn't know it but when I started searching online I found this guide https://geeklah.com/best-light-bulb-camera.html and it helped me understand how to provide my house the best protection. You may also check out the link or search online as well. Trust me, you dont need to try to save too much money on your house's safety, it's too important.