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  1. Hi, thanks for helping, maybe my dvr is old? AvTech AVT201A? The link you sent me is for ip cctv or cctv connected to internet? My DVR is not connected to the internet, so i cant use this....... However, starange thing is after installing the video viewer program you sent me, the Playerlitehj program now plays back cctv footage.... If I now double click to open playerlitehj it comes up with a "Select File" box to select which cctv footage from my pc i want to play and it plays back now??
  2. Hi, The guy who installed the cctv showed me how to backup only via .dv4 not avi.
  3. The software which has always worked previously is as mentioned above. The DVR automatically installs a program installation file on the usb when I backup cctv footage from the DVR. When I insert the usb in my pc, I need to install the program which is "playerlite" or something, which did run the .dv5 file with no problem in the past, I never converted anything in the past. I have never installed any other form of cms software in the past to view playback cctv on my pc apart from this.
  4. I only have windows media player on my pc. Whenever I backup cctv footage onto a usb from the dvr some files for an application to view the cctv footage are automatically added to the usb each time. You need to run the installation program on your pc which is called "Player.exe" After installation it brings up a program called playerlite or something..... The problem is that the program installs successfully, however when you try to run the program on the pc or run the cctv footage .dv5 file it comes up with the above error message. The program does not open up at all. The .dll file as above is missing
  5. Hi When you bacup by default settings, it comes out as .dv5 which runs on the integrated software where you can view all four cams at once and forward/rewind/zoom etc..... You have the option to bacup in .avi, which requires you to backup each camera at a time and the file plays in windows media player for each cam. You cannot view all four cams at the same time. MY QUESTION IS HOW DO I FIX THE ERROR, SO I CAN USE THE DEFAULT DVR SOFTWARE TO PLAYBACK ??
  6. It was installed about 3 years ago. Still same, doesn't change anything. I backuped up some fottage as .avi, that plays fine. Its just when you set it on default .dv5 it comes up with the error message above, doesnt even start the program. Looks like its a corrupted dvr?? How can I reset the software on the dvr and reistall it? Avtech AV204A?
  7. I've tried the compatibility setting to xp or windows 8, no luck same error message. The computer was just restored a few weeks ago, comes up with same message on my desktop pc and laptop?? Is there anyway of reseting the dvr to install a new software on it so it runs mp4 format or something?
  8. I don't have old ones on USB, the're all saved on my pc. Non of them play, they all come up with the same error. I've also tried on my laptop and they not playing on there either. The Files are .dv5 files, is there any programs I can download from the internet to view the files? I think it might be something to do with windows 10 update or something. I have checked for updates and everything is up to date.
  9. Hi guys,  I have a cctv system which runs off an AVTECH AVT204A DVR. In the past when I've backed up cctv footage it played back fine on my pc/laptop. However, now it comes up with an error as below.... ANY HELP ON HOW TO FIX IT?? THE PROGRAM IT RUNS THE PLAYBACK OFF INSTALLS FROM THE DVR ONTO THE USB EACH TIME YOU BACKUP SOMETHING, I'VE TRIED BACKING UP AGAIN AND AGAIN, SAME ERROR COMES UP. TRIED DIFFERENT USB STICKS SAME THING????