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  1. Hi fellow members! I have the trendnet IP310pi cctv camera (4 in total) - I’m not sure why but they will not accept the username and password which I had set on them - it seems something has caused a corruption to the software. Anyhow I’ve tried the default password and nothing works. Of the 4 cameras, only 1 is at a level I can reach - I’ve done the factory reset by pressing the button on the camera and it works perfectly now!!! However my issue is that whilst I want to factory reset the other 3 cameras they are far too high for me to reach (even my 6m ladder doesn’t reach. Does anybody know if there is another way to resolve this without me having to either call someone out to press the button or spend £150 on a longer ladder??? I was hoping there might have been a way to remotely force a reset PS Trendnet customer service team couldn’t really be bothered to help! Thanks in advance