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  1. dzmplz


    Hey larry if you understands what happened two months ago on how these dvr are hacked by and could happen to you too.. its about how to reset and try to whats the best for people that dont have any clue about cyber security,.. if you want you can ban me from this forum i dont need these types of comments on my question.. I got help form another group that was way way better that what you came out with.. so thank you but no thanks remove /ban me asap
  2. dzmplz


    hey Guys I cant log in ...tried every password available I only get a QR code after locking the account... the model is a 6008T-LM s/n 6712018001150168 this happed after the mirai bot attack ... did remove the battery but nothing helped Ali express DVR ...I cant even fond the website of this DVR ...Any help would be appreciated!