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  1. Hello everyone, I'm desperate, I updated a vto1210c-x with the webversion 4, I want to downgrade but I do not do it anymore, trying with configtoool and the 37777 port appears to me trying with the 3800 door appears to me I deice to change the parameters because the device is not in the same range of the computer (from the browser I manage it correctly) click on ok and it appears I tried them all, help. Thank you.
  2. Hello, the firmware consists of two parts, the second language, I could not even flash that ...
  3. hello, I updated a vto 1210x with firmware v.4, now I would like to downgrade, with ipconfigtool, by logging on port 3800 tells me login failed, by logging on 37777 tells me system in busy. Help. Thank you.