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  1. DaveL25

    Xmeye and Explorer issue

    Hi Tragic_audio, I managed to get this working now. Thanks alot. The issue i am having now is the xmeye and Explorer app dont send me notifications when the cameras are triggered with motion detection or human detection. I am not sure if this down to the settings on the CCTV system or my phone. I need to test this fully and find out why. Thanks alot, Dave
  2. I have a floureon system on my house. The DVR is in the loft and i connect this to my router via a TP-Link. The TP-Line appears to always be connected. However my email alerts are very inconsistent. They come on in the morning as i am leaving for work then dont work for a few hours/days before working again. I know this because my window cleaner is a friend of mine and it doesnt trigger when he turns up or sometimes if my misses returns from work it wont show her cars on the drive. Also, the app used to give me a live feed but not alert me if the human detection had been triggered. Me being me, uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it and now i get an error when i try to view the live feed. I did some searching on here and found that the app is very hit and miss and that the explorer app is better however, i get the exact same issue as the XMEye app. I have also tried to go onto the XMEye.net webite, this gives me a "device is offline" message. All 3 accesses allow me to login and view my CCTV serial. However, when i pull down and refresh then try to access the attached is what i get. Any suggestions please. I am at my wits end now Thanks in advance! Kind Regards. Dave As i try to connect: Error after trying to connect: