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  1. I am SO frustrated-firstly let me say that this system (a iseeusee 264 dvr with 4 wired cams) was fully functional before Christmas-my adult son had set it up for me and all 4 cameras worked fine/he moved out and then had a serious accident and passed away and during that time the DVR was unplugged by someone and left that way for a couple of months and now I am trying to get the system reestablished for security as it is just me and my 4 young children here and I just can’t figure out why I can’t get the system configured to work. i have ensured the cables are properly connected to the camera and to the dvr. I think it something to do with the settings. I have tried any trouble shooting tips I can find online and couldn’t get any picture to come up for any cams whatsoever so finally after exhausting anything I research to do I changed it from NTSC to PAL even though the sticker on the bottom of the dvr said NTSC and finally I got a picture on the cams although 3 out of 4 of them were very unstable (rolling pic and black and white and jumpy - what it seems the internet says the system will do if it is erroneously set to pal when it should be ntsc) I am at the end of my rope seeing as I had to spend 2 weeks guessing the password as I tried everything to crack it and couldn’t and then thought the red jacks were audio that wouldn’t stay put in the jacks on the back as opposed to the power plugs they actually are that plug into the splitter 🤭 Am I just missing a setting? I have tried all the resolution settings I believe and those didn’t heLp. I what am I doing wrong?? thank you for your time haley