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  1. Hopefull

    How to enhance cctv footage

    not too far at all Balby
  2. Hopefull

    How to enhance cctv footage

    Thanks tom, yep that's what I was afraid off😞, 74 guessing that's a bay? Got a 82 t25 but at least its the last of the aircooled. based Doncaster uk
  3. Hi all, new to this and complete novice so hopefully someone might be able to point me in the right direction. over the weekend I've had a Vw camper of mine vandalised outside my home (attempted arson) I've captured the *%#+*$ on my cctv but unfortunately the footage is quite grainy and I'm unable to gain a ID, the question I need answering is are they any apps or companies that can enhance my footage to gain more clarity? Thanks in advance Paul.