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    Need help on purchasing a cable for my camera

    Exactly, and what's even more confusing is that they state poc on some cameras on the same line like this: https://www.hikvision.com/en/Products/Analog-Camera/Turbo-HD-Camera/5-Mega-Pixels/Outdoor-Dome/DS-2CE56H0T-ITME. I think I have to personally contact them first for clarification. Thanks for the help.
  2. I have a DS-2CE56H0T-ITMF Hikvision Camera and was wondering what kind of cable should I purchase. Traditionally, I've seen old analog cameras have these siamese cables but while searching a bit, I've seen that Hikvision's Turbo HD analog cameras can now be run with a single rg59/rg6 cable. I just wanted to make sure I've understood that correctly and if my current camera will be able to use that technology. This is the cable I'm planning to buy: (https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/i223557730-s294870348.html) and my dvr just in case HIKVISION DS-7204HUHI-K1 Also, how would audio be transmitted? I don't know a lot about rg59/rg6 cables but is it like an hdmi cable wherein they can carry audio as well?
  3. Thanks for the additional info. I also found their DVR naming conventions and they defined it as: HGH: 720p HQH: 1080p HUH: 3MP/5MP Which is a bit weird since the HQH's spec sheet confirmed it would be able to reach up to 4mp. I guess the old ones were only initially capable at 1080p and eventually upgraded to support 4MP while the HUH can now support up to 8MP as per its spec sheet. Also, I saw that the HUH had a 4ch audio while the HQH has only 1 On a separate topic though, would this cable be okay with my dvr/camera setup? https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/synergy-rg6-coaxial-coax-cable-12-meters-scc-612-i223557730-s294870348.html
  4. I'm currently in the market for a dvr for my camera HIKVISION DS-2CE56H0T-ITMF (2 pcs and probably 2 more down the line but 4 is the maximum amount I'll go for) and found these two DVRs for roughly the same price (about a $4 difference): 1. Hikvision DS-7204HUHI-K1 2. Hikvision DS-7208HQHI-K1 I really don't know much about dvr specs and was wondering what's the difference (aside from the number of cameras it can handle) between these two?
  5. I see, I'll definitely keep this in mind when ordering another camera. I'm a bit worried about the recording though, my ip cameras all have a bit of downtime almost daily, nothing big like a few seconds or 1-2 mins but it makes me wonder how a single hdd ( planning on using a wd purple) would handle the workload of storing from multiple cameras? Or are there new technologies nowadays that mitigate such problems? Unfortunately I already have 3 hik cameras at the moment and would be a bit troublesome to switch devices as I'll need to use another app. Thanks for the heads up though, I'll try my best to put any security measures to the best of my knowledge to try and keep it secure.
  6. I'm coming from an IP Camera setup but recently found out that you could actually stream the cameras' feeds from your dvr through the Hik-Connect App. Now I've decided to purchase a DVR/Analog Camera setup since they were a much cheaper option and decided on the ff models: 1. DVR (DS-7204/7208HUHI-K1) 2. Analog Camera (HIKVISION DS-2CE56H0T-ITMF) - 2 pcs initially but will probably get 2 more within this year Now I don't know much about DVRs and was wondering if there would be any bottlenecks with my current/future setup? I'm planning on having them all working at their best possible resolutions but will eventually take it down a notch if my 25mbps internet is not enough for streaming.
  7. This is interesting because I was planning on doing the opposite (from ip cameras to analog cameras) due to the latter being extremely inexpensive compared to the former (ip 4mp is $85 while analog 5mp is $32). Now I don't know much about cameras, probably why I even thought that the premise your technician told was even remotely possible, but afaik the difference between those two cameras should be negligible as long as they have the same resolution and bit rate. As for recording though, tomcctv is right, the dvr can be a bottleneck on your setup if it's under-powered, you'll need one of hikvision's turbo hd dvrs if you'd want the most out of your cameras. When in doubt with the quality, I usually check the maximum video quality of the cameras I want to buy from their specific recordings on YouTube (they're a bit compressed but you'll get the gist of their capabilities) and luckily, I have yet to find a camera I needed that didn't have one.