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  1. Okok, everybody please dont lose more time on this. Its Sunday, funday
  2. I only need the zoom to setup the camera like i want it. So that is perfect. Thank you!
  3. alpalp

    What is the best NVR? Thank you!

    I really dont want to have a home pc with windows as a server. So much time waste. So I think i will try with a Dahua NVR, just need to see which one of all in the product list. https://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/allProducts/100 Maybe in the future if i find a small micro desktop pc or small hardware, then i will try BLUE IRIS, MILESTONE, XEOMA etc. Thank you larry! 💌
  4. But alot of people say 2MP has better view in low light. I also remember i read someone that had both and tested. Maybe you are wrong tomcctv? Thank you!
  5. alpalp

    What is the best NVR? Thank you!

    I will buy this camera Dahua HDW5231R-ZE https://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/productDetail/14251?us About 4-8 pcs. Should i take a Dahua NVR or another hardware NVR? Thank you for advices!!
  6. "Lower resolution means larger pixel size which means more light captured" What is todays tech then?
  7. Cool! I live in Sweden. HFW5231E-Z12E seems similar but has 12x optical zoom instead of 5x HDW5231R-ZE. HDW5231R-ZE https://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/productDetail/14251?us vs HFW5231E-Z12E https://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/productDetail/14191 Now another problem is where to buy this
  8. My English is not the best but, you are right, this type of people need help. Oh! Thank you my friend, I am also very very new. But this seems like a good choice because many people arround the internetz has giving me the similar advice. I will look at there homepage and let you know what i found! May i ask what country you live in? Best regards.
  9. So it is a Dahua for me then. Great! Thank you Cortian! I remember you recommended Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-ZE 2MP, what other models is good you think? I know they have so much in there product list. I am checking right now for something that has optical zoom. All models: https://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/productDetail/14251?us I wonder when some IP camera or NVR will be released with googles AI API, so you can just type "red car" and it will directly show you when the red car was outside your home. That would really be a big game changer! Example: Cloud Video Intelligence API Demo - YouTube Yes! I really hope so, because this forum seems much more serious than the other one i visited that belongs to the stupid guy. I think some of the reasons could be this stupid guy that has the other forum, seems like he is ready to do everything to get visitors. Does he use different IP's every time he register here? I remember back in the days when i was in the same position (2004-2005). I told the guy to stop or I would delete him from the internetz, he didnt listen. So it ended up with him comming to my home and begging me to stop from DDOS. Thank you very much and sorry for starting 3 threads (1 got hi-jacked). I am so used to be on bigger forums where it is better to start a new thread for every "question". Sorry again and thank you all.
  10. Are you the only person in this forum Why so little activity here? 5 threads? You mean other people asking the same thing? I will try to search, thank you! They told me 2MP is better than 5MP on the starlight, do you think that could be true? Thank you
  11. Hello! I am searching for a IP camera that i will use with a NVR. Do you guys know any trustworthy reviews? Requirments: -Very good low light vision. -Wired PoE Budget about 200 USD It seems like Dahua Starlight (2MP not 4MP+) is the best choice for my budget? Hikvision Darkfighter is also a advice i got!? I have read ubiquiti is out of date, i dont know if any of this are true because i have not seen any reviews that has tested both of this cameras. Thank you for your tips! Take care of each other.
  12. Who is this guy? I got banned from that forum because I wrote here. And it seems like everybody on that forum knows he is having aggression problems. omg
  13. alpalp

    What is the best NVR? Thank you!

    Hello tomcctv! No PTZ anymore. I dont know the difference about bullet or turret but I will try to find a camera that has good low light vision. -Good low light vision. -Wired PoE Budget 100-200USD. I dont know how much a good NVR cost.
  14. It feels like ipcam talk is full of 15 year old teenages that needs to get banned and give room for more serious people. I have used xeoma before, thats why i wrote about them. lol ! Backdoors? Come on, I dont want to talk politics here but you cant blame a whole country for 1 company or 1 individual. It will just result in paranoia. Example: I think you are American, CISCO has backdoors in there stuff. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/cisco-backdoor-hardcoded-accounts-software,37480.html That means I cant trust you, because you are from US. Just stop this childish stuff!
  15. You are right! I will start a new thread where i ask peoples opinion about IP cameras. Thank you for opening my eyes! 💌