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  1. Hey prop. From what you posted sounds like your IP setting was changed somehow probably by ISP provider. May want to contact them and see what has changed.
  2. Artook

    TVT TD-3204H1-4P-3 password reset

    What OS are you using? Exactly how in-depth a password generator are you after? Are you generating your own password dictionary or using installed dictionary?
  3. Artook

    Hello CCTV

    Hey Tom I will be able to go $500. Understand third party I have seen people watching CCTV I would think would be private.
  4. Artook

    Hello everyone! I need your help?

    I assume you can not send weaponry through the mail system, but what sells big here in the states are paracord , hidden object products ( Fake cans , books). If you find a loophole and can send non lethal weapons mace, brass knuckles ( Very popular among elderly veterans). Have to admit I do not know if your shop is high tech or not many of these items are normally found in pawn shops. Bruce
  5. Artook

    I forgot my password to my Samsung NVR SNR-73200W.

    Have you tried universal resets such as Admin / 123456 admin / root root/ admin root / 123456 ?
  6. Artook

    Hello CCTV

    I am new to CCTV I will be picking up a home / residential system because of my new neighborhood. People are not that bad but the bear issue is something to see. My options at this time are D-Link , Night Owl, AIO and another brand I can not recall at this time but looks to be adequate for what I need. I would appreciate any recommendations this forum may have on these brands or any others I can shop for. Will be shopping at Best buy and Sam's club. Bruce