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  1. I am sure there are other android programs that will keep the streams local only. Ocular on my wifi keeps the steam to the the Geovision NVR local, but also transmit it on internet. Your NVR will get the stream local, so not performance problems there. But you need to figure out how the stream works, whit Ocular i found it quickly, but a Chinese 20 dollar security cam i had two hours digging before i had success. (Image quality not bad at all, and the stream keeps on your local network)
  2. All those programs can produce a stream, Ocular stream has been easyer to figure out. I remember other Android programs had more difficult streams. For example HD stream from a other cctv phone program i put in the Geovision: rtsp:// SD Strem or secudair stream: rtsp:// Crashes of the phone can be due to heat, so try out some phones that work the best. Also remove all other non essential apps from the phone, like virus/adware scanners specially. The cool part is you can add a 8 megapixel camera for only a handfull of dollars to your system. My Galaxy two for example gives in daylight the best overall image i ever seen. Its so clear and even digital zoom can create good picture. I did not try out more them 8 megapixel. You can now also add a cheap camera like this to the system. If you need any help whit unfolding the correct stream send me a message.
  3. The phone is just plug it in to a socket charger, so it keeps on 24/7 One a week the phone cashes, but still ok for my application. You can use a powerbank to hide it on a secret place, for example near your car. Also if you use a used galaxy s6 phone from ebay (whit a broken screen) it`s cheap, and you will have excellent night vision whitout to use RI lighting or other. I used a older Galaxy S2 and i have workble sight in night, excellent 8 megapixel sight at day !! Did you upgrade from GV-NVR to GV-VMS? If so, how much did it cost? Also, do you know the rtsp address for doing this same thing with an Apple iphone5? My motivation is to have multi Megapixel camera under 100 dollars.[/b] Yes, a upgrade to---> GV-VMS is free! However you probably need a 1 channel dongle (license) to use a non Geovision stream. This is a cheap one channel dongle: http://ebay.to/2fzmtQz You can download a streaming program like Ocular for iphone, that will work fine!
  4. cocacola

    Seagate surveillance grade HD's

    The best are WD Purple and Seagate® Surveillance HDD`s There is one betther option and that are the WD Yellow label HDD`s. They are $$$ but really fast, durable and even power efficient, and made for big servers nas.
  5. Got it to work! Server ip: your local camera ip, in my case: user and pasword. In the tap RTSP setting: rtsp:// (do not forget the rtsp://) Note: In my case i need to restart GV VMS for each new camera modification, my brothers system has that to if you want to have acces to all settings from the camera`s. If you got a dongle for Geovision VMS this should work. For now the phone/camera is running stable for a small two hours, and give good video feed (and this is in 800/600 resolution, 30 frames) 0
  6. Hello Friends, Seems a new topic will suit better for this. I want to use a Old Android as a extra CCTV camera, only on my local network and i have a dongle license so i can hook up one non Geovision camera. As cctv camera app i am using Ocularlive[/img] and IP Webcam So far no result.. For example this is the Ocularlive app output: Camera Ip address is rtsp:// rtsp:// Which of the below options do i choice ? Has anyone a idea how to set it up? I am quite sure it`s possible, just need to figure it out. The possibility of a wireless android camera are huge! they are really tin so i can set them up easy!
  7. cocacola

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    Guys how do i add my Android video stream to my Geovision vms? For example the Ocular network app to stream cctv video`s from your old android phone (so you can use a phone as a extra camera) How can i correctly ad the following streams? Camera Ip address is rtsp:// rtsp://
  8. cocacola

    Fuzzy Picture

  9. cocacola

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    No awnser fron Geovision, that sucked! @ LittleScoobyMaster That BlueIris program, is that an option for you ?
  10. cocacola

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    Well, that's good news. Good to hear it's working for you. Yes i am happpy to! however, this sould not have worked, and i hate misterys. Anyone From Geovision that can provide a awnser?
  11. cocacola

    Android remote viewing app

    It`s so diviculty to get the app to work.
  12. cocacola

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    The old NVR dongle seems to work after reinstalling it and reboot the pc. Got image, amd if i pull the dongle out it stops. Re-enter the stick and its rocording. So it seems like the old dongle works om GV-VMS to
  13. cocacola

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    Guys, i need your help. I just added a 3e party camera to my gv-vms system, see picture below. How can i add the GV-dongle so i get a picture? I can not find how?
  14. cocacola

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    Can i use the GV-NVR dongle whit Geovision VMS? And how do i do that? I have the dongle right here, put it in the computer but nothing really happens.