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  1. Hello im new here and i hope this is the right place to post thisi have this problem that im struggling with for some time now ..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr9WblarSdc&list=UUYBNxZuD-2RfLav7h-U3pPgim trying to output RGBs from a fairlight cvi into a framemeister and capture it with a PC. Fairlight RGBs > Framemeister > Gamecaptur > pcwhen the fairlight is working standalone (with no external video going in to it) it works great and i can capture beautiful crisp footage from the Fairlight but when i feed the fairlight with any external video (from VCR or PC) the output footage jumps all around as it has some sync problems (i assume) now the problem is not with the fairlight because when i output the fairlight RGBs to a CRT monitor everything works great also when i output a composite video from the fairlight into the framemeister all is good but i want to use the RGB as it looks much better!i attached the FairlightCVI specs if it helps in any way im trying to find a solution for this problem for a few years now with no success .. any help would be much appreciated thank you