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    Chad, I am in the same boat, looking to do it myself. What I've seen is one needs a minimum of years exp in an aspect of security to apply got managers license. Access control, CCTV, Alarm Install, etc...you cant just do alarm install for 2 years and apply for all. It has to be verifiable work experience. Then again I dont know how far they look past paystubs and W2s to verify work experience. What I've also seen is differing info on the minimum years experience needed to apply for managers license. I've seen DPS website mention 5 years needed. When you pull the PDF to apply it says only 2 is needed so it's hard to get info it really is. Calling the DPS doesn't help either, theyll give you the same conflicting info in Austin. Another weird thing, when I applied I didnt know if I was eligible to get my license due to one thing in my past. I asked and asked prior and all I ever got was all we can say is apply and be honest, you'll get a yes or no. I did, and got approved. Even more weird is they never requested fingerprints. I dont know if that's bc my prior military or being an LTC holder that both used same printing service DPS requests or what. But bloody hell I'll be following and if you get any info let me know!!