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  1. Benson Chiang

    Add remote NVR Cams on local NVR

    As far as I’m aware this is not possible...
  2. Benson Chiang

    Need a really good hd nightvision cctv cam

    How "good" do you need?
  3. Benson Chiang

    Best value CCTV

    I think it is very suitable for you to have a CCTV Kits. It's all set and the price would be cheaper as well. You will have to buy something like cables, power supplies or some connectors which depents on the way you install. So I'll say probably the KITS is a good solution. Also, I'll also recommend you to read some INSTALLATION GUIDE to good you some idea of installation. It can be smoother. Hope it's helpful
  4. Benson Chiang

    llittle advice needed

    What you look for are quite basic. High quality, instant play back, IP67 waterproof and mobile phone viewing. So I think it will depends on how many camera you need and what kind of system (IP? HD? Wireless?) you want.
  5. Benson Chiang

    Indoor: Turret vs Dome?

    I'll say the housing doesn't really matter, just follow your heart. Nowadays most of the cameras have smart IR & IR cut filter, so it will adjust IR by itself. Even it is indoor use, you will still need IR to see clearly through the dark.