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  1. Starlight cameras will give you images at night time in colour providing you have enough ambient lighting. In terms of how good an image the non starlight camera will give you is dependent on what the infrared from the camera can bounce off of and how long the IR on the camera is rated for. To be honest 30-40 meters is far too far for a 3.6mm lens. You will need a varifocal and to zoom it in.

  2. The way it would seem that second balun works is that you provide the balun at the camera end with 24-36V DC and it will convert it to 12v DC which will then fine for the camera. I have not used these like that myself but have used convertors in the past to convert 24v to 12v and it looks like this would work in a similar fashion. With that in mind a 12v psu would not do the job and it would need to be receiving 24-36v at the end of the run.

    In terms of burning a camera out by using 15.5v then yes for example if put that much power on a 1m run for a camera then there would be minimal power drop and the camera would receive most of that power. This is obviously higher than the 12v it needs and you could well burn it out.

  3. The recorder will support 4mp cameras. The resolutions the cameras can be and the monitor can be set to are completely separate. E.g. you could have 4mp cameras on a 1080p screen. In this case you would not get the full benefit of the 4mp cameras as the screen cannot display at 4mp but if you were to digitally zoom in on the image you would be able to go further than if the camera was at 1080p before getting pixilation.  

  4. The advanced technology call 'starlight', it's basically like a low Lux camera. it only needs a little light and you can have colourful image.
    Furthermore, it comes the 'colour night' technology now. it's even stronger than the starlight camera. The outcome is quite impressive. Maybe you can google or YouTube it to have a look.:classic_smile:

  5. The distance the power travels through your baluns will depend on a few things. One is the power requirements of the cameras which will be 12v and 0.55amp based on the information you have provided. The other is the thickness of the cable you will be using to transmit the power as a thinner cable will lead to more volt drop over the run of the cable. The packaging on the baluns provides some information on this for you. E.g if you want to run a 12v, 0.5amp camera (yours have a slightly higher amp requirement) over 24 AWG cable for 100m your power supply will need to be outputting 15.5 volts as over the length of the run it will drop to the 12 volts your camera requires.


    The general rule is the longer the run the less voltage you get at the camera end and you have to compensate for this by providing more volts at the power supply end.

  6. Always check are the cameras ONVIF, which means it can talk to each other. However, it can only guarantee to have an image, not any other function.

    Don't really recommend people to mix recorder and camera with different brands, it usually causes issues. Only if you've spoken to the supplier first and make sure it all works. 


    I would say, speak to the shop where you bought the cameras, see what they can do.


    God bless, man

  7. Hi. If you are looking for the camera specifically for car number plate, maybe the NPR camera is the one for you. But I don't think you would like to go there. The price is a little bit too high.
    I would suggest the 4K SPRO camera with Starlight tech. In this case, the face can be identified clearly even in the night. And it also gives you high resolution to room in for the number plate & any detail you would like to see.  
    Furthermore, the DVR also has face detection/motion detection to push notification to your device. It should help you stop the crime. 

    Hope this is helpful : )

  8. The account that is locked is not on the DVR itself, it is on the cameras which is why everything you have done has not resolved the issue. Depending on the age of the cameras the username and password could be admin and admin. If the cameras are from the last 2 years or so the cameras would have had to have had a new password set on them when setting up for the first time much like you had to do on the DVR after defaulting it. I would suggest trying to log into the cameras using a web browser on a laptop as you may get the option to reset the password from there. 

  9. I have two options for you to have a look.

    1. SWWHD-INTCMSOLSTD   -   Swann 2MP Wireless Security Camera Kit with Solar Panel & Outdoor Mounting Stand

    2. CS-C3A-A0-1C2WPMFBR  -    Ezviz 2MP C3A Battery Cam


    I think both of them match most of your required and it's stand-alone camera, it means it's all pre-made.

  10. I think it is very suitable for you to have a CCTV Kits. It's all set and the price would be cheaper as well. You will have to buy something like cables, power supplies or some connectors which depents on the way you install. So I'll say probably the KITS is a good solution.

    Also, I'll also recommend you to read some INSTALLATION GUIDE to good you some idea of installation. It can be smoother.

    Hope it's helpful:classic_smile:


  11. What you look for are quite basic. High quality, instant play back, IP67 waterproof and mobile phone viewing. So I think it will depends on how many camera you need and what kind of system (IP? HD? Wireless?) you want.