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  1. DMA Saints

    Advice : temp replacement CCTV DVR

    My guy got the system working. I believe he had to replace the hard drive. We still need to shop for a new system, but for the moment it's working. Thanks for your replies and help!!! I just went and took a bunch of screenshots from the system so at least I have a reference.
  2. DMA Saints

    Advice : temp replacement CCTV DVR

    The cameras are not HD
  3. Hi, I know very little about CCTV systems. I have to manage one where I work of course. It has basically failed- the DVR system. It no longer broadcasts. The monitor hooked directly to it is displaying the cameras, but it won't broadcast to the network or show any options. We plan to upgrade the whole system, but in the mean time if there is a way to get a temporary DVR replacement that would be ideal. What I need help with, if anyone wants to give advice, is to help me know how to find a compatible device. I'd love to just go to Ebay and pick one up if possible. The DVR has spots for 16 cameras, though we only have 14 set up. The best way for me to show what we have is to attach the manual I have. It doesn't talk about a brand, though we have been told it's a "Skyway Security" Max Series HD system which use to have a website, but they don't seem to exist anymore. It lists the model : H.264 HD High Definition HDR HD-1620S Ideas??? Thanks! CCTV.pdf