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  1. Does anyone know if Hikvision have an external IP camera with 2 way Audio inbuilt on the market. I don't want any i/o or need to add power & speakers etc. Just something neat & tidy in one unit. They used to have some sort of Cube Cam if i'm not mistaken but think that's now discontinued. Thanks IA for any help.
  2. Cheers for the info and advice. And would the cams have to be IP cams, and don't need to be wireless?
  3. Cheers for that. With this scenario....4 cameras via POE, with 1 cable from POE direct to router....would this give me 4 different addresses for each camera in the router devices, or just 1 address? So basically what i'm asking is would i be able to add 4 cameras to my NVR in the UK through the one POE in Cyprus or would it only give me one address?
  4. Cool. That will save me money on purchasing another NVR for the property in CY. "cables don’t need to be attached to walls to be a eyesore you can run them along the bottom " Yes but then they need to come up to the cameras. Anything surface or visible i'd rather not have. If i have to run cable for a power supply to 4 camera's, then i may as well run a Cat 5 over POE. If that will become the case somehow, can the POE simply connect to the router to give 4 different addresses for 4 cam's or will it only give 1 address? Thanks.
  5. Thanks again for your help tomcctv Are you saying that i only need the one NVR in UK and possible to connect the cams in Cyprus to the same system? Never thought of that or the possibility of it. How would this work with the cam's in CY? The problem with Cat 5 or any cabling (Cat 5 or PSU for power etc) is there is no way of coming out of the property and to the cam's without drilling/damaging either the internal & external walls & having some sort of enclosure (trunking or conduit) visible and coming down walls. Hence the preference of total wireless & battery powered. I know that this type of setup is not recommended or reliable & hardwired is much better as that's what i'm using now in the UK. How does this Hik tiny ptz work then & do you know a model no. for it? I mentioned a cloud as i was not aware of the possibility to have both properties on the same system in UK. If this can be done.
  6. Thanks for your reply @tomcctv I have a Hikvision system at home in the UK all fully wired & powered with 4 cams & NVR but that was a relatively straight forward install. I would also much prefer to use the same in the Cyprus property. The property in Cyprus is built out of concrete & bricks with no cavities, loft space, or soffits etc, to easily run cables around the perimeter, which is why i'm looking for an easy screw up cam & go option. I have all tools for doing it hardwired including network plug & cable crimp tools & testers etc but just not an easy job to do without running a type of enclosure all the way around the property which will be an eyesore & still leaves me with how to get to an electrical point to power & TV/screen to view from NVR. This will end up damaging some walls etc & again, unsightly trunking or conduit inside the house. I wouldn't like to go solar even though there are 300 days of sunshine a year out there so looking at a rechargeable battery option similar to one of the ring doorbells on the market. Drop out & charge overnight & replace. I'm just hoping there's an easy magical answer from a unicorn option which is why i enquired. :-) I have considered POE cams but again the wiring is the problem.
  7. Cam Era

    Wireless Security Camera help

    Did you manage to sort out this problem. Are you impressed with the camera?
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    Hikvision DS-7200

    Only thing I can suggest is try logging in manually without the QR code. Good luck.
  9. Hi. New here and need advice please. Have a property in Cyprus that I'd like to fit cameras around the perimeter. Because of the way they are built, all brick and concrete, it's very difficult to pass cables through and I don't really want to run trunking or conduit around the whole property. Can anyone recommend any wireless, battery operated cameras that can also record to a cloud or NVR. Something that can be put up and set up via ip address and monitored via an app from overseas. Battery would need to have a decent lifespan too. Thanks for your help. Cam.