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  1. Hello, At last I enabled all features. First I had to changed the camera resolution to full hd through recorder GUI and later I enabled vca. After restart I can configure line detection and intrusion on all channels. From web brower I was not able to do it. thx for help. Regards
  2. Yes, like in link above 4 channel. I changed to full hd and it is still the same message and only two channel. What exactly is it enhance vca?
  3. Just one per camera I would like to add. I can add 4 rules per camera but still only two channel.
  4. But according with info from hikvision site DS-7200HUHI-K1SERIES TURBO HD it should be "Supports line crossing detection and intrusion detection of all channels, and 2-ch sudden scene change detection".
  5. Hello, I bought Hikvision DS-7204HUHI-K1 recorder with 4 x Hikvision 2ce16hot-it3f cameras and I have a problem to enable Line detection on more than 2 channel ( 2cameras). Do you have any idea how i can enable this function on 4 channel ? I see only message like this camera does not have this kind of functionality but all are the same and if I disable one where detection is ON, I 'm able to ON other camera. Additional i saw settings like "enable enhance vca" where is message this function will allow you to enable detection on 4 channel but will disable 4mpx... something like that, but when i enable this function i have only view from one camera. My second question is about compression. I have not too fast internet connection. Is it good idea to enable H.265+ ? Any additional tips how to speed up and what to disable or enable to improve bandwidth ( I'm using mobile to view)? I reduce resolution only to 1080. Thank you in advance