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    Hi there, I am interested in buying a camera for my office. I have a Synology NAS that the camera should connect to, and should have the following features : Atleast 5MP preferably 6-8MP Integrated Microphone Dome POE Night View Movement Sensor Viewing angle of 90 degrees atleast (I want it to be fixed in the corner of the room and catch all the room). H265 It should record 24/7 Would you please tell me what u guys could recommend ? Thanks a lot !
  2. Hallo all, I am very frustrated as in the last few weeks i tried some cameras and non of them has the features I am looking for.... I would be very happy to get a recommendation from some professionals for a security camera. First it has to be able to connect to my Synology NAS and work with the Surveillance Station. The camera itself should : 1. Work with Wireless and LAN. 2. At least 2MP preferably 4MP 3. At least 100 degree view (it should be in the corner of the room, mounted to the ceiling corner and be able to record all the room). 4. Motion sensor 5. Night view. 6. Integrated microphone for recording the video with audio. The camera should record around 10 hours a day straight and than for the rest of the day work only when triggered by a motion sensor. and should be available to purchase in Germany. Any input would be very welcome. I can't find something that has all those features and getting completely crazy.... Thank you all in advanced !!!