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    HikVision Motion Detection vs. VCA?

    I would be interested to know the same.
  2. richardc1983


    Hey and thank you for letting me join this informative site.
  3. Good evening, I've read a lot of posts and topics on this really informative website and cannot ever seem to improve my own camera settings, and ended up giving up on it. However... We've had an increase in break ins (4 the other night) and upon viewing camera footage especially at night the images are poor. I really need to try get this at optimum settings if you could kindly help. I have 4 HIK vision turet cameras (1080p but not sure of MP, system was only fitted last year) wired up to the dvr with the separate night vision light (not controllable in settings and only automatic if it's on or not). I've tried all-sorts of bit rate settings, frame rate etc and still the image is either grainy or I get ghosting. Even tried on full frame rate, H264+ recording (which seemed to cause stuttering and missed portions of the recording) During the day the image is quite good but on a night sometimes it looks out of focus. So much information on here, some suggesting turning off Digital Noise Reduction but my system doesn't have that, just "denoising". Any help great fully received to what appears to be a vast expanse subject.