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  1. They are decent monitors, nothing special but don't junk them! They were supposed to be designed to run 24/7 but they often burnt out (crappy inverters) I have 2 of the 19" ones set up in my office, one showing the 16ch split screen, and one for full screen of the camera i want to view (Usually a PTZ)
  2. VideoQ

    Pelco spectra IV SE

    Auto tracking was only added in the latest firmware. You can upgrade the firmware yourself with the latest version available from Pelco, however it is a tremendous pain in the ass. You will have to make a serial to rj45 cable and need a serial adapter, it can also be done with an analog to ip tbx board. https://support.pelco.com/s/article/Spectra-IV-Analog-Firmware-Upgrades-and-Requirements-1538586564052
  3. This stuff has been deployed all over the world and is still in use in many industrial environment and will be for many years to come. Sadly, the company has tanked due to recent changes in ownership. After ****ter Electric destroyed the company it was bought by some investment company for a short while, and has just recently been bought out by big mother M (Motorola) Your best bet is hunting ebay and probably keeping everything on Digital Sentry units. The analog cams you can keep on a single 16ch encoder which only uses one licence. Pelco has dumped all other products in favor of their latest failed abortion of a VMS: VideoXpert. I don't see it taking off, and Motorola is likely to scrap it. I would not invest in any new pelco products or services.
  4. Hi Andy, the camera they gave you is a network IP Camera, NOT an analog camera (and an expensive one at that!). That RJ45 is for a network interface NOT analog video. It cannot be used as an analog camera. Your best bet is probably trying to repair the existing analog esprit unit you have, parts come up on ebay from time to time. It could be something simple as a burnt out power supply or camera unit.
  5. VideoQ

    Pelco IPS cable

    I am trying to make myself a cable, do you know the pins that correspond to the video output? On the IPS-Cable there is a BNC coax tail coming off it, I assume it went to the unused RJ45 pairs 4 and 5 (blue and white/blue) but not getting video out of it Do you happen to have a full pin-out of that on board RJ45 port that is built in to the Spectra IV dome drives ?
  6. Hi, so I am trying to make the Pelco "IPS-Cable" to update the firmware. I saw a post here from another member back in 2012 showing the pin-out for the IPS-Cable. But there is nothing showing which pins go to the video output (BNC connector coming from the IPS-Cable) I thought it may be the unused RJ-45 Pins 4&5, but no luck. Does any one have a wiring diagram for that on board RJ-45 port that is built in to the Spectra III and IV series dome drives ?
  7. VideoQ

    Ground loop Inteference

    Yes it may be. These are analog I assume? I had a similar problem using Pelco BU6 series cameras. The only solution I found was to use a separate AC Adapter for the camera that was having problem. You can try ground isolation transformers but that did not work for me,