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  1. VideoQ

    Pelco IPS cable

    I am trying to make myself a cable, do you know the pins that correspond to the video output? On the IPS-Cable there is a BNC coax tail coming off it, I assume it went to the unused RJ45 pairs 4 and 5 (blue and white/blue) but not getting video out of it Do you happen to have a full pin-out of that on board RJ45 port that is built in to the Spectra IV dome drives ?
  2. Hi, so I am trying to make the Pelco "IPS-Cable" to update the firmware. I saw a post here from another member back in 2012 showing the pin-out for the IPS-Cable. But there is nothing showing which pins go to the video output (BNC connector coming from the IPS-Cable) I thought it may be the unused RJ-45 Pins 4&5, but no luck. Does any one have a wiring diagram for that on board RJ-45 port that is built in to the Spectra III and IV series dome drives ?
  3. VideoQ

    Ground loop Inteference

    Yes it may be. These are analog I assume? I had a similar problem using Pelco BU6 series cameras. The only solution I found was to use a separate AC Adapter for the camera that was having problem. You can try ground isolation transformers but that did not work for me,