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  1. Tom, Thank you - I need at least 6 cameras, the Lorex set you recommended is a 8 channel with 4 cameras. What cameras should I supplement the other 2 cameras with?
  2. Any recommendations on the Reolink brand?
  3. Thank you, I really appreciate all of your inputs.
  4. Tom does that mean the nvr has to be close by? I was looking to place nvr in my bedroom but I read the Lorex nvr is loud
  5. Thank you again. Will I need to buy a dedicated monitor or can I use my TV? If I can use TV, how do I view from it)
  6. Tom, Thank you appreciate your response. I’m in US, New Jersey. I heard the same thing about Lorex customer service not being good. So Costco is not a good option if they are end of life items. My budget is $1000, I want a system that is reliable and customer service.
  7. Hi, I’m new to the group and do not know much about cameras. I am looking to purchase a POE security camera - would like out of the box a 8 channel NVR with at least 6 cameras. I don’t have much lighting at night and would like something with good night vision. Since 4K is available, I would like to purchase 4K. Please recommend a good system that I can purchase at Costco.