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  1. Hi all, I trust this email finds you well. I have a GV-SNVR0611 running version 3.03 firmware with 15 PoE cameras patched to the PoE ports. I then installed the latest version of GV-Control Center to a different PC on the same network and added the GV-SNVR0611 to the host list. Although the SNVR model wasn't short listed in the drop down list, I could add it as a GV-SNVR0610 succesfully. I updated the information and could view the cameras via a matrix I created. The problem comes in when I try to view video logs from the Control Center software, I encounter an error saying, 'can't locate database. please verify and try again.' I have a 4TB hard disk installed in the GV-SNVR0611 and the cameras are recording on motion. Kindly with urgence advice on how this issue arised and furthermore how it could be resolved, your assistance will be highly appreciated. Regards, Don Aketch Dace Solutions Limited