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  1. The mainboards inside tells me 2013. I did manage to find different (older) firmware for the he 4108cx... but it won't install it on powerup. There is a rs232 port on te rear side, could tftp flashing be a way to go?
  2. Hi, I'm aware this is one of the most frequenly asked questions on this forum, but here goes nothing I own an Acerbus Altura 6208 DVR. It's an 8 channel DVR, the macadress leads me to the company STL. I updated the firmware using the tool provided, CMS. CMS told me the firmware was valid for the machine so I flashed it. Now I'm stuck with a DVR that only shows this over the vga port (see pic). It's doesnt get an IP-address anymore and there seems no way to interact with it. It powers on direct when power is plugged it (used to press on/off to switch it on), buttons only beep but no visual effect on the monitor. I've emailed STL, Acerbus and gnsdvr.com (they sell the 4108CX which seems to be the same machine) but none of them respond. I've tried reflashing by putting older firmware on an usb stick and starting with the stick inserted... no luck, Anyone here with more/other suggestions?