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  1. So, I found the issue. when using FreePBX Distro 7 u have to leave the field realm empty. New problem. It seams that I have no possibility to talk. That means that either the VTO or asterisk end the call. If I pressed the button all exstention are rining but when I pick up the call I cannot talk.
  2. HI There, i have done this. And I am nearly finished it. My problem now is that I cannot connect the VTO to the Asterisk. I created an new Extension with 8002 (My Station number) and configure it in my VTO but it do not connect.
  3. Hello everyone, for me it is not possible to connect the VTO and VTH. I Also tried to connect it via Asterisk but I do not understand what you guys are doing it. So I have an VTO200a wit version 4.0 running on it and an VTH I think 15ch I do not know the exact name. On the VTH is running a firmware version 4.3 So it would be nice if someone could told me how to connect the VTO and VTH. And it would be perfect if someone could show me how to connect the VTO with asterisk and using it with the Fritzbox and VTH Thank you, Lukas