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  1. I have an Amcrest 960-H system installed, it does work to some degree and I am not familiar with how to program it, but I can learn. It is an 8 channel system with analog 4 cameras. The system came as a kit so it is probably not even near high end. I chatted Amcrest about adding more cameras and they said they were out of stock. I asked what other cameras will work with my system and they stopped chatting. I asked if they stopped because it was Amcrest policy to not discuss any gear other than Amcrest and I was referred to tech support so I thought I should hook up with a forum. Google's algorithm selected this forum so here I am.. Seems I should be able to attach just about any BLN attachable camera and it should work. Before I buy extra cameras is there something I should be aware of? I'd like at least two quality resolution cameras...am I better off finding more cameras or seeking an entire better system?
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    Hi, I am Steve AKA Xoloski (show-low-ski, a compilation of my last name and dog's breed [Xolo}). I have little knowledge of CCTV and it's associated trappings. I have a section 8 neighbor, who I don't trust for anything and want to create a DVR system for both my house and my garage. I already have an Amcrest 960-H system installed and am not familiar with how to program it, although it does work . But, with a little help from this forum, I can do better.....