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    Old Vantage Camera

    Hi Everyone Just purchased a house... its about 9 / 10 years old. The developer installed 3 Vantage cameras - while the houses were being built. When the house was sold - they chopped off the cables in the loft - but left the 3 cameras on the outside of the building. Previous owners have left the cameras in place - and done nothing with them. Please see picture of one of the cameras. There are 3 - and 3 chopped cables on the loft. I am hoping I can get these up and running - does anyone recognise which model these are ? I've checked the Vantage site - and cant see one that looks exactly the same - which I suppose is no surprise given the cameras probably about 9 or 10 years old. Any help - and suggestions - welcomed !! Thanks PS... yeah... I know they need a clean ! :-)