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  1. Hi, the camera is AHD same as all other cameras, just wanted to have one 1080p for better view of driveway
  2. Thank you for your reply, i tried swapping the channels but regardless of which channel i use it always locks one other out. With the MP limit i have no idea what is the limit on my dvr but when i unplug other 720p channels the one that is blocked out doesn't come back on. Probably the best solution is to invest into a new dvr as the one i have was a rushed decision and very cheap when we moved houses last time. Cheers
  3. Hi, I couldn't find any help anywhere and was wondering if someone could advise on the below I have an AHD 8 camera DVR (ElectriQ) that came with 720p cameras and i decided to swap one of the cameras for a 1080p. I'm puzzled cause after connecting the new camera one of the remaining ones loses video and the second i disconnect the 1080p camera everything goes back as it should be. I noticed that the channel that goes dark has shows AHD-NH(1080N) but all remaining cameras are 720p and when i go to System/Encode and try to change it manually i don't have that option. Excuse my lack of terminology as I'm a complete amateur. I've set it up myself 2yrs ago it's been working fine until i tried swapping the camera today Thanks
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