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  1. Dannyboydw

    Help please

    Model DH SD49225T HN S2 WBox WBXNV04P41S
  2. Dannyboydw

    Help please

    Sorry my mistake its a wbox poe camera system and will get model numbers when i get back in to work
  3. Hi ive got a wbox ndvr 4 channel and 2 w box cctv cameras that connect up ok and get a picture Ive got a aduha 2pm poe ip camera When i conect it up to the dvr the camera does its self test spins etc but no picture on the dvr The guy i got it off said something about changing a port number bu login in to the dome its self with a laptop would any one know the configuration of the camera to get it to work As the guy i have got it of has folded his company and done a vanishing act like paul daniels Any help would be appreciated thanks daniel
  4. Dannyboydw

    Hello all

    Hi iam daniel from glasgow nive to meet yours iam here for help and will help others