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    build my own VMS server question

    I have been using Geovision cameras and software for over 10 years now for my company and have a lot of experience with how the hardware and software however I do know Geovision can be flakey with some chipsets and hardware combinations...with that said.. I have a few servers that I had bought pre configured with wind 7 pro and now im upgrading them to window 10 since Microsoft will be pulling support for windows 7 next year...and the board that the company has been using in most of my newest builds, which are still good servers, don't play nicely with windows 10... Anytime you request a restart it shuts down....that particular MOBO (Asus P9D-E/4L) actually has no win 10 drivers in the support downloads...there is a workaround but if im going to buy a new board and build a system from scratch I want it to work good.. I wanna hear what works for you guys out there.. I know im going to use a Xenon E3 CPU and at least 16gb ram ...either use a 500SSD or maybe an M.2 depending if the MOBO supports it....and the MOBO needs to support at least 2 10/1000 Nics...but 4 would be great... any suggestions on the MOBO....a long time ago the company I bought my servers from used Gigabyte MOBOs but they were bad about popping caps and dying...so far the Asus has been a pretty rock solid choice...just so many to choose from.. thanks...