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  1. jlsae33

    Best value CCTV

    I've not heard of Arlo, usually Dahua or Hikvision & variety of their OEM versions. But upon a quick glance, seems like its an smart product that can integrate into smart home like alexa / google home. (Personally doesn't know the benefits of such feature) £150 for whole kit? I would be wary of the material, there are a lot of security equipment that are made with plastic housing instead of metal housing. Plastic ones aren't meant to last the wear & tear of the outdoor environment (indoor should be fine).
  2. jlsae33

    HIK 7208 HIHQ-K1

    Hi, from what I understand of the spec, the 7208HIHQ-K1 supports 2 ip channel. There are 2 PoE ports at the back? Usually the DVR that supports IP doesn't come with PoE ports, just one single LAN. You'll need to run your IP through a network switch, preferably a PoE one so you don't need to power your IP PTZ separately. So basically you connect camera -> switch -> DVR LAN.
  3. jlsae33

    Best value CCTV

    Hi, if you're in Canada, I would suggest this hikvision kit. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07NLKXGPV, Installation is plug & play; price is reasonable for what it offers.