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  1. jonnykind

    Multiple Reolink NVR's

    Thank you so much for the information. This really helps. I believe that I'll go with the Reolink 4K system and add 4 more 4K cameras instead of 4 more 5mp cameras. Thanks again!
  2. Ok, so I recently purchased a Reolink NVR with 4 5mp cameras. I'm happy with the system so far so I'm not looking for any input on what I purchased already. It would also be a PITA to remove at this point. However, Reolink is coming out with a 4K system and for the price of purchasing 4 more 5mp camera's I could purchase the 4K system with 4 cameras for a bit more. The issue is that then I'd be running 2 NVR's on the same network and I'm unsure how they would interact with each other. I'm ok with operating them both independently but I don't want any conflicts. Does anyone have any thoughts on how the systems might operate together and if I'd run into any issues. I'm also open to running another brand of 4K NVR if that's a better option. I just really want/need a 4K to be able to get good detail on my front cameras for license plates, etc. Any help would be appreciated.