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  1. Im having a issues. the LNVR shows online in alarm monitoring and the camera shows as available. when i click on it to view it gives error communicating with video recorder. on the server i can see the video files and it is recording. everything showing online
  2. moolmanj

    Lenel Onguard

    My Solution was to increase RAM on the system i added 200 GB of Memory and seems to have sorted it out
  3. Hi guys reinstalled new server and getting this error when opening alarm monitoring NO default driver specified. I did check ODBC settings and it connects fine. tried everything but still the same issue any assistance appreciated
  4. Hi Guys anyone out there able to help, i am trying to get Time and attendance reports but the system says "The number of records for this report is too large" it only happens if i try to get information for more than 4 months and longer ago. Ive Searched all LENEL tech help but not very successfully