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  1. Not sure whats wrong? It appears to be 2 or 3 layers or images. I'm not sure. If someone can help I would appreciate it. Thanks Ron
  2. Rollie

    Two CCTV cameras look like this

    Thanks for your input I appreciate it. Just when I was taking IR and lenses for the parts box........ I found the problem. boom
  3. Rollie

    Two CCTV cameras look like this

    Analog CCTV. They are separate from everything. I have tested V using Battery, wall Wart, Power supply and a Sav4D. The power supply was used first with a buck converter. Then battery W/Buck. etc. I tested from 5V to 13V all DC. I have no idea of the background these 4 cameras have. They were given to me, I was going to give then to a buddie so he could keep a eye on his little kids in the yard. Two of them are the same. one is great one is the top picture I believe. The other two are dome cams one is the other picture. I have used different cables while testing. Lately just a RCA cable straight into a monitor or straight into my Digimerge DVR. I also hooked them in place of one of my cameras in my shop. still same results. Thanks Ron
  4. Rollie

    Two CCTV cameras look like this

    nobody has any idea?