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  1. Hello this is my 2nd topic after 1 year no one helped.. I have monacor hdvr 188 , i can watch on my network but not from mobile internet with 4g. I have created ddns and configured on router connected . Opened all ports. But is not working. Any idea Thanks
  2. Hello im new here in this forum glad i found it. I have problem with my system i cant stream over internet my cameras only local. I have hdvr-188 monacor. 8 channels. Everything worked fine until i added another router in home now i have fiber modem router a 24port switch and another wireless router. In second router i have disabled dhcp only main router have dhcp. In hdrv-188 dyndns test successfully. I have set static ip . Gateway and mask as main router first router. I also forwarded ports on router still no success.i also added to permanent ip in dhcp but.. Im out of idea. Cant connect over dyndns to watch it. From phone like i watched before. Thank you so much and i apologize if my topic is not in right section