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  1. @tomcctv yes, that's what I thought. You can't suggest anything that would help to get better, all you can do is to criticize. What do you think about the Xiaomi security equipment and YI Technology? I'm sure you will like our upcoming videos featuring Xiaomi and YI cams. Be sure to subscribe to us!
  2. @tomcctv thanks for the review and a heads-up. Your opinion definitely has a right to exist. Well you know, we are not limited with the Brands and products in our stock for sale. I mean, if you can tell me the Brands, that you think are better than the Hikvision, Ezviz, and other Chinese manufacturers, I'll gladly make even better and more detailed reviews featuring their products. How do you think, which Brands worth this attention?
  3. @tomcctv Thank you actually! I'm getting more and more reviews telling me I'm making boring stuff. The criticism kind of cheers me up and you're tottaly right. That videos were made to "fill the channel with something" and now I see that wasn't a good move. I got a new video released yesterday on a brand new Hikvision's subbrand consumer line camera that is not sold anywhere except in China at the moment. I've tried harder this time and made it more entertaining. What do you think about that one? I've added a lot of new things there. Thank you.
  4. Hello! My name is Daniel and I've started a corporate youtube channel recently. I'm quite sure the things that my company does can be done in a much more interesting way and that is why I'm in it. I want to ask for your help and advice, opinion. The channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbwFM-MBCq1v_8uL6XgVMJg I'm doing reviews regarding security technologies and surveillance systems, such as IP-cameras, network recorders, various alarms, burglar sensors and etc. As I'm new to all of this, I know there's a lot of things that I can improve and I've recieved reviews saying the videos I've done are boring. What do you think? How do you see it as a person related to these areas? Consumer, an employee? I'm planning the feed widening with a DIY's and Howto's video topics, security news, storytelling, different technologies and techniques explanations, comparisons, pros/cons and the rest of things. What would you like to watch regarding the topic? Suggestions? Grade my work please. I'll be glad to hear your opinion, whether it is negative or positive, a raw criticism, just anything! Thank you.