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  1. zjor2000

    NAS and ip surveillance

    hi i've 4 ip camera's ,analog dvr,Seagate Nas storage my dvr doesn't have the ip search option in it only cams with coaxial are able to be connected how can i benefit from all of the other ip cameras and save videos on the Nas without having my pc to be turned on all time !!! thanks
  2. zjor2000

    record video to dvr coaxial ports ??

    different brands , all support with ethernet port 2 of them support ip + coaxial with those i can connect and record to the dvr , but the other's can't
  3. zjor2000

    record video to dvr coaxial ports ??

    i only need to record on dvr coz i've a poe switch
  4. zjor2000

    record video to dvr coaxial ports ??

    not sure what's hybrid is , but i connect the camera's via coaxial and there's no lan ports ,only 1 for network
  5. hi i've ip camera's , poe switch , coaxial dvr with one lan port i want to connect the camera's to poe switch and record on the dvr , how can i do so , the dvr does not support ip camera search thanks
  6. zjor2000

    DVR firmware update help !!!

    photo is flicking too much , i've read that the image might improve , wondering is there any new update ? thanks for replying
  7. zjor2000

    DVR firmware update help !!!

    is it possible to find a new version released ? hope u can help me find it thanks
  8. can anyone help me find the right update firmware for my DVR ,, photo attached for details thanks