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  1. Hik 16 NVR failed last year, replaced with new in May, 12 Cameras and only the two new ones i bought work.

    Tech support is great if you could understand them as well as me having No clue as to being an IT.

    Downloaded SADP Tool software from and have NO idea what the hell to do with it. my understanding is this SADP TOOL will clear the old cameras or something like that.

    Citrus Heights, Northern Calif, house call for a  "C" note to get this system up running would be worth it to me.



  2. 9 minutes ago, tomcctv said:

    Your right ..... but you have directed members to it in two other posts

    Growing up with de greed experts of the trade, it's very hard not to jump-in with a instant fix.

    Im quite sure there are a person(s) of knowledge here also, as i get to "Be-in-the-know, im only to happy to refer them here.

    Im an Engineer, i fix things the best fastest reasonable way possible.

  3. You can with a DVR get the plates, but the cam/lens,IR will need to be upgraded BIGTIME!

    At this juncture i would go with an IP system, it IS the future. even with IP system LPR (Lic Plate Read) cameras are still pricey.

    Only anser to make your existing system work is a new camera with at least 4MP+ Varafocal lens and one bad azz Ir flood/spot light source.

  4. Greetings fellow security minded humans.

    Member of many Forums for years, some better than others.

    Joined an IP forum last month then i find it's a FRONT for pushing their own wares, Salesmen to match.