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  1. Hi I've got Integra32 software working with three IRC-2000 panels in one site (address 1,2 and 3) this panels unlock doors using proximity card readers, I pull out a working IRC-2000 panel from another site and I'm trying to add this panel as address 4 in my Integra32 software. I did all the conection and add panel IRC-2000 as adress 4, My problem is that when I try to unlock a door using the proximity card readers connected to panel address 4 I receive the following error message: "Access denied: Unkown format". All the proximity cards are registered in integra32 software and they can unlock another doors. I notice the proximity card readers on panel 4 has the signaling LED in red (The working proximity card readers on the others Panels have the signaling LED in green) Also I can send commands to Panel 4 and work. for example: unlock door Please any ides?
  2. Thanks for your answer, I tried with standard 26-bit format and it worked