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  1. vrb403

    New system suggestuons.

    Greetings, I recently had troubles with my box system from Swann. Pretty much seems like a hard drive failure. Call customer support and they suck. I decided to build an entry level system with 4 camera's to start with. I am looking for suggestions on a nvr and cameras that I can continue to add to with due time. I want a system that I can replace parts such as hard drives as things go bad, other than going with box sets from stores. I currently have 4 cameras that are set up with power over ethernet (POE) and this is what I would like to stick with, as my fat ass doesnt feel like getting into my hot south florida attic to run power to each camera. All suggestions are welcomeed. Thanks, Steve
  2. vrb403

    Hello from Florida

    Hello, new to theforum