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  1. Jane999

    Best brands

    Hikvision is deffo value for money! Although I have been using for my home security such brand as Milesight. I know it's not well known in the UK, but in Estonia (where I come from) and Finland it's quite popular. Yap, it's a bit more expensive than Hikvision, but omg... You know? When you hold similar cameras - one by Hikvision and the 2nd by Milesight, you feel the difference! Milesight is more about quality, the construction is strong and their CCTV systems are so beautiful! Video quality is also maybe a bit better. So I would really recommend having a look at their camera systems either on Milesight original website or I know Armsec has also Milesight products in their store. I also know that Dahua is not a bad brand (at the end of the day...all good and bad brands are produced in China :D) but I've never seen that brand in reality.
  2. Jane999

    Advice please on HIKVISION system

    I can't recommend an exact solution but the only thing I can say - eBay is not the best place to buy CCTV... You will pay MORE just because the seller must pay a percentage to eBay which follows by a HIGHER price on eBay 😕 So unless you buy from a private person, there is no point in shopping at eBay! Better to check if this supplier has a real/online shop (not eBay store). I bought recently my Hikvision camera Dome 5 MP from Armsec at only £45 (there is a discount at the moment) https://www.arm-sec.co.uk/deals Would recommend having a look at this UK online store, so far I am quite satisfied with them! And, thanks God, they show prices in their online store not only for businesses but for usual end-customers (as I am) as well! I personally don't like to spend extra time contacting companies/stores about prices etc. Hopefully, my recommendation could be helpful