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  1. Hello, I ask you for advice I would like to buy a vto2000 + Rfid pad I would like to integrate it with my home automation system (OpenHab) and answer the intercom via the GDMSS app So I would like the VTO to work without VTH and without SIP server. 1) It is possible? 2) Alternatively, is it possible to make the VTO be the sip server and use an android app (sip client) like Linphone? VTO can do only voice sip call or also video sip call? 3) Which version of the VTO2000 should I buy? I saw that there is also a 2-wire version
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    Hello, I would like to use my VTO2000a without the VTH I would like to integrate VTO with my home automation system (OpenHab) I realized that to open the door I have to use: ../cgi-bin/accessControl.cgi?action=openDoor&channel=1&UserID=101&Type=Remote But how can I figure out if someone has pressed the VTO button (someone is at the door) I tried to search the event in the log with some commands but without success /cgi-bin/log.cgi?action=doFind&token=1&count=100 always return found = 0 /cgi-bin/recordFinder.cgi?action=find&name=AlarmRecord&StartTime=2014-8-25%2000:02:32&EndTime=2014-8-25%2001:02:32&count=500 always return error ErrorID = 5, Detail = Server internal error! Can the VTO2000a works without the VTH ?