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  1. I was at Frys Electronics today and saw a PoE 8 camera system with cat5 connections and also saw a Swann wireless system with 2 wireless cameras. Each had their own box. Do they make, or has anyone see a combined PoE and wireless system recording to the local hard drive?
  2. Is there to record a Wireless Foscam into a Swann NDVR? Ok if I change to a Lorex or other brand but I would like some wireless cameras setup to record on my local NDVR box. I have an 8 camera system connected thru cat5 wires. Do I take on of the ports and connect it to some kind of wireless receiver? My inexpensive wireless camera are separated from my swann recordings. They use Foscan type software clones that send email pictures and I can view them through a browser but not sure how the live viewing can be saved off. Can you point me in the right direction to research? Not worried about my wifi being hijacked, blocked etc. This is rural and I am recording wildlife. Regards John
  3. Thank you for the discussion on Reo. I have a similar problem with Swann, that being only Swann runs on their system. I would like to upgrade since that this unit is getting unreliable (two dvd boxes in 4 years, two transformers 48vt, transformer runs hot). My idea system is about 8 cameras. A combination of wired PoE and some PTZ and some wireless cameras. I want the recordings to be local on a dedicated hard drive like the Swann NDVR is doing. Remote connections through my cell phone is important. Swann doesn't give me a PTZ or wireless camera setups that I know of. Anything out there I can look at? My uses are fixed cameras (front door, back door, Left & right side gates, basement utility room). The wireless are for outdoor locations that move around with the nature scenes. Rabbit nest, Coyote trail, duck hatchings and such I drape a temporary LAN wire out to the location. Some were tried at 400 ft and lose video but most are within 200 ft. I have no need for 4K video quality. 720 or 1080p is good enough for my home use. How does it work to mix a wireless camera into a PoE system? Is there some type of switch that uses one of the 8 camera LAN ports? The only wireless cameras I have seen, just display live action and no way to record it on the Swann DVDR. Lorex for $699 1080p 16 Channel HD Security Camera System with 16 1080p Outdoor Cameras, 130ft Night Vision, 3TB Hard Drive LX1080-166BW Thanks for the tips. Regards John
  4. Agreed, I need to protect the Cat6 wires more. Even indoor the Swann cameras after 5 years of use, seem to burn up the transformer and Swann DVR box. Hard drive has not ever failed nor have the cameras being outdoors. I would prefer to upgrade to another 8 camera PoE type systems more current technology or company providing best class for homeowner. Any suggestions on a camera system between $500 and $1500 range for home use? My alternative is to buy one and try it out for several months/years, then move to another. At the moment I do not recommend the Swann version SRNVR-87400H I have. Replacement refurbished box was $250 now running. Seen with a quick search: 8 camera model Model: CSP-8POEED3 $1500 https://www.cctvsecuritypros.com/complete-systems/spy-dome-8-camera-indoor-outdoor-ip-3-megapixel-dome-camera-system/ Lorex 8 camera $550 https://www.lorextechnology.com/hd-ip-security-camera-system/8-channel-hd-security-camera-system-with-ip-cameras/HDIP88DW-1-p?gclid=Cj0KCQjwuLPnBRDjARIsACDzGL0oc4X4LiXmAS5aFUlPfgq_SjppjP6Jv7xRm1KNQ99PZAj43gwOanoaAvRCEALw_wcB ReOlink https://reolink.com/product/rlk16-410b8/ Samsung https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Channel-CCTV-Cameras-Warranty/dp/B01N7X5CXV Thanks for your ideas. Regards John
  5. USA country here. I have a 5 year old Swann PoE 8 camera system SRNVR-87400H system that regularly has power transformer issues. It is a 48vt 2A and I have gone thru two transformers and one Swann box. They overheat, burn up smell, etc. It is possible or likely that my Lan wires outside are not protected from weather enough, but not aways the case. Mice and squirrel like to eat the wires too. Must not be very good protection on the main box to prevent damage. Other observation is that 48vt transformers with 2amp is not strong enough to operate 8 cameras. Are you guys finding the same results? I like the concept of power over the Ethernet wire to the cameras that avoids me using transformers on each camera and the 110vt outlet required. Easier to move the cameras around. So my main question, Is the Swann product the issue? Should I try Samsung or another PoE company? Which ones? Thanks for the reply