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    Concept Pro and ADT

    ADT are quoting a client and insisting they use Concept Pro IP cameras and NVR, for us it is a pain as we want to integrate the CCTV with our Control4 system the same way we do Merit Lilin of Hikvision Their reason is the solution they offer is a fully monitored service where a Redwall detector picks up a intruder they monitoring station then looks at the camera feed and if its a genuine event they can send a audio message to the external speaker system to tell them they are on CCTV and to leave. The question is do any of you guys know if ADT can use other CCTV sytems at their monitoring station ie can we just give them a camera url for any make of camera or do they use the CMS for the site via the Concept Pro NVR? My gut feeling is a bunch of urls, one for each camera would sit in their system fine and we can use a system we can integrate?
  2. 21st century Elec

    PTZ housing

    Thanks, searched for PTZ mount and all I get are brakets, do you have a link? Lilin have given me it black and white and they are working with us on this project due to the status of the client, they are willing to help deliver whatever he wants. I was considering the option of a complete PTZ and having it powder coated. I'm just edging my bets the client will not accept the look changing. Personally I think the PSD4624EX20 will look okay in black, I just need to convince our clients management and design team! Again thanks
  3. 21st century Elec

    PTZ housing

    They should work if you copy paste the URL
  4. 21st century Elec

    PTZ housing

  5. 21st century Elec

    PTZ housing

    Hi all, new here and only dabble in the odd bit of CCTV, we have a job with existing ornate lamp posts and they have left and right cantilever brackets, looks like the last installer used brackets that were supposed to have lamps on them, appears they flipped them up 180deg to hang a PTZ off them as shown in the pictures in the links below, we are trying to find new enclosures but cannot find anything online. The perspex dome is approx 220mm diameter, any idea where we can find these? The plan is to take a Lilin PTZ apart and install it in them and yes we have cleared that with Lilin before anyone say's the void word lol https://www.dropbox.com/s/uuyawlnvctjam8p/IMG_2687.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/vqnj932tbezn42a/IMG_2688.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/v5qln5n2431c24o/IMG_2689.jpg?dl=0